Broccoli Micro-green Netpot

Broccoli Micro-green Netpot

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Broccoli Nutritional content:-

Rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

Perfectly high in Antioxidents and pigments such as Carotene, Chlorophyl & Amino Acids.


    Grown from 100% Australian heirloom seeds

    90mm Netpot.

    Grown in Volcanic Rock.

    In order to keep your micro-greens fresh, keep greens in netpot and only cut as required. Handy hint: place netpot in under tray with a small amount of water to keep volcanic rock moist.

    For best results keep micro-green netpots in a filtered sunlight postition. Will do very well in cold room environments for approximately a week or two.


    At My Country Greens, when you return your netpot, containing the Volcanic Rock grow medium, you are able to purchase your future pots at a lower price from only $2.70 per netpot. We encourage our customers to do this as we are an environmentally conscious company who is adament on the protection of our planet and creating less damaging  waste products.


    We deliver to your door on specific days of the week in your area. However, when ordering for functions and events, delivery can be made on the day of the function or event or within 24 hours of the function or event, at the customers descretion.

    Any individual purchases of netpots for less than a tray of 24 microgreen netpots will incurr a small Delivery fee of only $10.


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