Purple Radish Microgreen Netpots

Purple Radish Microgreen Netpots

SKU: PurRad006

Purple Radish is much more nutritionally concentrated than the mature radish bulbs.

Purple Radish microgreens are filled with vitamins K, C, E, beta carotene, chlorophyll and essential amino acids which have cancer-fighting properties. They are great for those who require better digestive health.


    Grown from 100% Australian heirloom seeds

    90mm Netpot.

    Grown in Coconut Husk.

    In order to keep your micro-greens fresh, keep greens in netpot and only cut as required. Handy hint: place netpot in under tray with a small amount of water to keep the roots moist. Do Not Over-water and Do Not Top Water.

    For best results keep micro-green netpots in a filtered sunlight, in a breezy postition. Will do very well in cold room environments for approximately a week or two.


    My Country Greens are dedicated to creating less waste products on Earth. So as a courtesy, we collect all used netpots and grow trays, back from our customers each delivery day.

    Our Punnets are made from Sugar Cane and thus biodegradable.