Red Dust Brew. (Earth Ancestors Medicine)

Red Dust Brew. (Earth Ancestors Medicine)

50 Grams

Red Dust is a beautiful blend of Organic Cacao (Raw Chocolate powder) and Wiradjuri Gumbi Gumbi from our Director Charissa's Ancestors Land near Peak Hill in Country NSW.  This beautiful blend from two lands is a special combination as it has significant healing properties and is a powerful boost to the immune system. Research and tests have proven Gumbi Gumbi has the ability to assist people suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Cancer, Diabeties, Chronic Fatigue, Acne, Haemmoroids, and so much more. And when combined with the incredible magnesium hit recieved from drinking Cacao, makes a very effective and delisious healing drink.


Drinking Instructions:

1 teaspoon in hot water.

Sweeten with Honey, or whatever you like.

 Add milk, coconut milk, or almond milk.