Our Products & Prices For Hotel and Restaurant Head Chefs, Health food, green grocers & Managers.



We supply 10cm x 20cm full grow trays of your choice for $40. This includes free pick up each delivery day of the grow trays to return to our farm. Full grow trays are currently sold to Restaurants, Cafes and Catering companies.



Trays of 24 netpots- Start up tray $90 (Includes very convenient water tray to sit your netpots in, GST & delivery)

On return of netpots (which we pick up for free), any full trays of 24 netpots purchased after that are only $80 (includes GST & delivery).


Individual Netpots for orders less than a tray of 24 start at $5 each plus a delivery fee of $10 (Includes GST)

On return of Netpots, after finishing your micro-greens, your refill pots can be purchased from $4 each (Includes GST) as we are dedicated to creating less waste within the environment.

We also cater for specialty orders if you decide to purchase individual micro-green trays. The turnover for these from the day of order placement is approximately 2 - 4 weeks for grow rates unless stock is immediately available to deliver. Prices will be negotiated depending on required quantity.

Please note that we also cater our micro-greens for functions and events and can be contacted via our mobile or email to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.


Our beautiful Micro-greens